Flexi 3m detail

Use and more detailed specifications:    

Handy storage for materials and tools.

Safe space during the reconstruction of a house or company. Used by construction companies in the implementation of industrial buildings.

Dry, clean utility room for storing furniture and home furnishings, PCs or electrical appliances throughout the year.

Suitable for storing seasonal equipment, eg: mower, mountain bike, motorcycle, skis, etc.

Description Value

External length 

200 cm

Internal length

186 cm

External height 

219 cm

Internal height 

200 cm

Door width 

200 cm

Floor load 1m2

500 kg/m2

Total weight 

250 kg

Pack lengt

55 cm

ANTI-Condensation - ceiling treatment - Physics and water drops 

During periods of rapid temperature changes, spring and autumn, moisture condenses on the ceiling panel.

The ceiling of the container is made of only one layer of sheet metal and therefore this basic law of physics cannot be avoided.

 All metal garages, sheds, uninsulated halls and, unfortunately, Flexi containers face this issue.vice o 

Storage conditions 

The base for the Flexi container must be flat and reinforced. Precise leveling of the terrain for the storage is the basis for the smooth and easy door opening and the overall use of the container.

The following are considered suitable base surfaces: concrete, asphalt, recycled material, as well as garden tiles and manufactured concrete footings 

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