Special offer

FLEXI 2m - Standard

Size : 2x2x2 m /d-v-š/                  Floor load : 500kg/1m2
Weight : 350 kg

FLEXI  3m - Antikondenz  edition

Size : 3x2x2 m /d-v-š/             Floor load : 500kg/1m2
Weight : 450 kg


Size : 4x2x2 m /d-v-š/             Floor load : 500kg/1m2
Weight : 545 kg

FLEXI  6m  -   Antikondenz edition

Size : 6x2x2 m /d-v-š/                Floor load : 500kg/1m2
Weight : 750 kg

Shipping and assembly costs 

Local Czech - Shipping and assembly costs

We deliver manufactured containers as FLEXI-PACK.
You can find the video of the assembly in the photo gallery.
Own transport - FREE loading 

Local Czech - Sale as flat pack

Package with all necessary parts and instructions for assembly.

As standard, the container can be transported on a classic unbraked trailer.
FREE loading of the "Flexi Pack" with a forklift. 
The dimensions depend on the size of the container.

Manual assembly of the container at depot

The price includes the complete assembly of the Flexi container to the final condition and
its preparation for the shipping 

Type                              People
Flexi 2m                               XX
Flexi 3m                               XX
Flexi 4m                          XXXX
Flexi 6m                     XXXXXX

Hydraulic arm truck
flat pack delivery

For customers who prefer the flat pack delivery, we provide: assembly of the container and at our depot and its delivery to the required location.
The service includes complete hydraulic arm handling. The reach of the hand and its radius is about 6m

Price without VAT: 2.500 CZK
Distance to 20km from Ostrava
Price with VAT: 3.025 CZK 

Security against theft and burglary


 Additional mechanical security

Massive latch, which prevents penetration into the container by brute force, e.g. by breaking the door. In extreme locations, we have already installed a version of 3 x door hinges and 2 latches.

* The latch is not part of the standard equipment of the container. This is an additional charge 


Electronic supplementary security  

- PIR sensor indoor monitoring MOTION
- Smoke detector
- Internal temperature
- Internal humidity 

* SIOTECH is not part of the standard equipment of the container. This is an additional charge

The supplier of SIOTECH technology is the company TIPA, ltd.