from SELF STORAGE ... to production

2017 Self storage

In 2017, we were the first in the Moravian-Silesian Region to implement a business plan - personal warehouses.
At the beginning, we used ISO shipping containers to start the project.
However, it soon became apparent that this type of container has its disadvantages.

1. CONDENSATE - in the spring and autumn months, i.e. the period when rapid temperature differences (night / day) occur, moisture condenses on the ceiling panel and unwanted condensation is formed.

2. DOOR OPENING - the construction of a shipping container that was designed for sea transport is "robust". Opening the door with a lever mechanism is safe, but impractical when used in miniSklady (mini-warehouses).

3. SIZES - when building personal warehouses, you need different sizes.

FLEXI - start of production in 2019

In 2019, we started producing our own Flexi container. Which would be designed for use in the miniSklady (mini-warehouse) project.

We base our production on the experience and knowledge of the world's manufacturers of flat pack containers (Canada, Asia, EU).


Kontejnery Group

from mini-warehouses ... to production 

1. Containers Ostrava, ltd. founded in 2006
   Rent and Sale                                  

2. KONTEJNERY AUTODOPRAVA, ltd. founded in 2019

3. miniSKLADY, ltd. founded in 2019 
    Personal Selfstorage                                     

4. FLEXI Kontejnery, ltd. founded in 2021
    Container production